We are a small independent swimwear brand based on the North West coast of England. We create high quality swimsuits that are fun, flattering and super comfy. They're also rubbish. Literally.


Our swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfill and our oceans.

Every year, 1.4 billion tons of waste enters our oceans. Much of this is plastic.

Plastic is versatile, robust and cheap to produce, which is why it's used globally for all manner of things. In many ways it's a total wonder product, but the very things that make it so great are also our downfall. Plastic is so durable that it never actually degrades. Once we've made it, used it and binned it - it's quite literally going nowhere. Despite having the resources and tech available, less than 10% of the 300 million tons of plastic that is produced globally each year gets recycled, leaving whatever is left over headed to landfills, incinerated or entering our environment where it sits for decades. What a waste!

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Turning trash into treasure - how changing our perspective could change our future.

We like to think our swimwear is proof that there is value to be found in what is currently deemed as rubbish. We believe that up-cycling and recycling waste into products and tools that are useful, valuable and reusable could play a big part in the clean-up and overall reduction of waste pollution going forward. Recycling may not save the planet, but it's one of many solutions we can use. It not only helps reduce consumption of new raw materials, it also helps reduce energy usage, as well as reducing air and water pollution from landfills and marine waste.

Purposely Small + Slow

We're a micro-business and aim to stay that way, consciously keeping our collections small and at a much more sustainable pace that's kinder to the planet and the people that make them. This also allows us to focus on quality and the individuality of each swimsuit, enabling us to tweak and improve along the way - ultimately putting the value back into clothing and keeping the BATOKO spirit alive for years, not just a season.


Our swimwear is made in an audited factory in China that takes necessary measures to avoid both environmental degradation, along with following and respecting the labour principles set out in the BSCI Code of Conduct which ensures a fair and safe working environment for all it's workers. This includes; fair pay, no forced or bonded labour, no child labour or workers below the legal minimum age, decent working hours (observed by law), no discrimination and equal opportunities.

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We digital print our swimwear, not just because it produces amazing vibrancy, but it saves water and energy too. Digital printing allows for precision, which means we can pre-cut our fabric and use the exact amount of ink needed for each swimsuit. This leaves us with very little wastage overall and works as the most ecological printing method for our recycled fabric.


We use compostable, recyclable and recycled materials wherever we can. We also keep packaging to a minimum, using only compostable paper bags and recycled plastic mail bags when required.

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Our loyal customers are what keeps this mission alive, which is why we dedicate our instagram to the awesome folk that continue to support us and shout about us.

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Marine Conservation

Plastic endangers and kills millions of marine life every year. We are proud to support the UK's leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society, who work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. Every year a proportion of our profits made from our recycled swimwear go to supporting this amazing organisation, helping to ensure a healthier future for our oceans and wildlife.

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Beach Cleaning

Volunteering on our local beach was where this journey started for us. It opened our eyes to the magnitude of the problem and fueled us to make a change in our own little way. We are a member of the SAS 250 Club, a scheme set up by environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage which brings together likeminded small businesses that want to give back and support the work and protection of our environment.