Cozzie Care

Care instructions are boring important. Really important, yet often over-looked. Longevity is not only determined by how clothing is made, but how it's looked after. So here's how to take good care of your swimsuit and enjoy it for longer.

Wear more, wash less.

Not only does this prolong the life of your swimwear, it's also better for the environment.

Hand wash only (we mean it!)

Don't machine wash your swimsuit, because this will weaken and break the fibers. The same goes for machine drying (tumble drying) and ringing/twisting it dry. Fill a sink full of clean water and swish the swimsuit around. Leave it for 10 mins, then swish it a little more. If exposed to chlorine, sunscreen lotion or oils, add a small amount of natural based detergent if needed (non-bleach). Gently squeeze some of the excess water out of your swimsuit, then lay it flat to dry either on a clothes rack or under the sun where it will dry fast (don't worry, the colours won't fade in the sun). Never bleach, iron or dry clean your swimsuit. Sun safety comes above all, but unfortunately certain sunscreen lotions and oils may cause discolouration, so just be careful where you spray!

Rough surfaces + delicates = not a good mix.

Woven fabric will "bobble" (become fuzzy, have small pulls) when rubbed against something rough and although our fabric is woven tight, surfaces such as concrete, stone and wood can pull at the tiny fibres creating that annoying "bobbling" affect. Sitting on the poolside and dragging yourself into the pool will create friction, as will wearing it with rougher fabrics like denim shorts or a backpack. This is also why "delicates" are supposed to be washed separately. Being mindful of this will help prolong the life of all your favourite swimwear.


As a conscious choice with the environment in mind, our swimwear has not been treated with any chlorine-resistant coating or chemicals. Polyester is a hardy fabric that is already generally very resistant to chlorine in it's raw state. Our swimwear contains 85% polyester and 15% spandex (recycled), with the spandex being the part that gives the swimsuit it's all-important stretch. Prolonged exposure to strong chemicals such as chlorine will deteriorate the spandex over time resulting in some loss of shape. If you swim regularly in chlorinated water, here are some basic tips which will help prolong the life of your swimsuit:

  • Size down and opt for a tighter fitting swimsuit to start with, this means it won't lose as much shape and as a result will last much longer.
  • Shower before you enter the pool and again straight after to dilute the chlorine.
  • Wash your swimsuit with clean water (as above) to remove all the chlorine. Resist scrunching/twist drying the swimsuit  as this can weaken and break the fibers, instead gently squeeze the excess pool water simply wrap it flat in your towel and lay it flat to air dry at home.
  • If you swim often, alternate between swimsuits to give each cozzie a break.