Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Restoration

Coral reefs are the rainforests of the oceans, forming the foundation for a rich and complex eco-system and providing a home for 25% of all known marine life. They are also our allies and protectors.

Coral reefs absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into the oxygen we breath. By doing this they regulate air and water temperature for us all. They are also capable of absorbing 97% of the energy of waves and can reduce wave height by 84%. This helps protect coastlines against big waves, storms and erosion. But as our planet changes rapidly, so do our reefs.

Coral Gardeners

"Almost half of the worlds reefs have been lost in the last 40 years. The main cause is warming climate, in addition to overfishing and human pollution." Coral Gardeners are a non-profit organisation in the French-Polynesia working to restore the reefs by collecting broken pieces of coral and nurturing them back to health in specially designed sea nurseries. "We transplant coral cuttings onto degraded areas of reef. When these coral fragments grow, they help to recreate reef habitats. This allows other life to return and strengthens the reef against future damage." 

Coral Nursery Fundraiser

Last month we held a sample sale fundraiser and we are so happy to share that the money raised has enabled us to adopt an entire nursery table with Coral Gardeners. One nursery table is home to 100 broken corals that, once healthy enough, will be replanted onto the reefs.


A big thank you to everyone who got involved and contributed through our sample sale. Learn more about the Coral Gardeners or adopt your very own piece of coral here.


Images: c/o @oceanaimee
References: Coral Gardeners

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