Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society

Update: membership closed as of November 2020.

Our oceans are the largest ecosystems on earth, the lifeblood of this planet - holding more than 97% of the entire world's water, they generate half of the oxygen we breath and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere reducing the impact of climate change. They provide us with an abundance of food, fun, energy and new medicines, whilst supporting millions of livelihoods. To survive and thrive we all need healthy oceans.

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK's leading marine charity that works to increase awareness of the growing need to protect our seas, shores and wildlife for future generations in the face of pollution, overfishing and climate change. It's aim is to reduce litter in our seas and on our beaches, achieve better protection for marine wildlife and habitats and encourage people to only eat sustainable seafood. A voice for the seas for almost 30 years, it's hard work has resulted in the creation of many marine protected zones around the UK, government action such as the carrier bag charges to reduce litter and a ban on microbeads in personal care products, made supermarkets more aware of the need to stock sustainable seafood and picked up more than 6 million pieces of litter from UK beaches through it's organised beach cleans.  

We believe that when we work together we can create great change, which is why we're proud to support the Marine Conservation Society as a corporate member, donating a proportion of our yearly profits to this amazing organisation. We are committed to help the Marine Conservation Society inspire people to value the marine environment and to enjoy all that the coast and seas provide, ultimately protecting our future for many generations to come.

Common Seals by Tara Proud for the Marine Conservation Society | Batoko Swimwear

Image: © Tara Proud c/o Marine Conservation Society 

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