BATOKO Unicorn Party Print Sweatshirt
BATOKO Unicorn Party Print Sweatshirt


Unicorn Party Sweatshirt

There's a secret unicorn party happening and your invite is this sweatshirt. Don't believe us? Grab one and see for yourself. This is not a myth.

Our print sweatshirts are made from a durable and breathable polyester with a silky outer coat which keeps the print forever bright [no fading here, thanks]! The inside is where the cosiness it at - it's ridiculously soft inner fabric is like wearing a giant hug or floating on a fluffy cloud. This sweatshirt has a matching t-shirt so you can go unicorn crazy or keep it chill in our high-waist denim.

  • 100% polyester
  • Runs true to size
  • Print by Maria Martyshova