What's New

The BATOKO swimsuit has had an update. It's still rocking the same amazing quality, colour vibrancy and support, just with some new and exciting tweaks. First up we've given it a lower neck and back with a flattering scoop, we've brought the leg down a few inches and created the perfect full bum coverage. We didn't want to lose that minimalist style, so kept it wire + cup free yet made the inner lining thicker to provide more coverage in the water. And finally, we made it longer length complete with stretchy stitching so that it fits a wider range of heights. Be sure to check the new size guide, as it's a little different to our other style and you may find your size has changed. This style also comes in a babies & kids version so you can match with your mini-me.

We've added more stretch the the stitching which provides the same hold without cutting you up.