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Instagram is our community hub where you can share your experiences with us. Our feed is essentially a showcase of you guys, our customers and friends = tribe. There are no models or faux set-ups, just real life people doing awesome real life stuff all connected by a fun little swimsuit and a huge lust for life outdoors.

You've shared some incredible adventures with us whilst trotting the globe in your swimsuits; diving the great barrier reef, climbing mountains, practising yoga at sunrise, surfing, island-hopping, swimming with sharks and wild pigs in the bahamas, completing triathlons, beach days, jumping waterfalls and twinning your friends and mini-me's. All of which continue to shape and inspire us to create fun, individual swimwear that not only looks and feels good, but takes care of the planet and oceans that give us so much life.

So keep roaming, exploring and living life to the full. And don't forget to tag us in your next adventure:

@batoko #batoko #batokotribe #batokotravelbug