Our Tribe On Instagram

Instagram is what you make it and so we use ours to celebrate you. Our grid is full of real people = our customers. There are no models or paid endorsements. We feel lucky to have some big names amongst our customers too, which may have even been how you found us. We like to think this organic way of doing social media is a new twist on word of mouth and so speaks volumes of our humble little swimsuits. We are a kind, inclusive community and always attempt to promote diversity as much as we can within the means of the photos we get tagged in. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who posts and shares not only our brand, but the important message behind it - plastic pollution.

Want to join our grid? Simply tag @batoko or #batokoswimwear in your post. By using either of these tags, you give us permission to repost your photo with credit. We often miss photos that only have @batoko in the caption, so make sure we can see your photo by tap-tagging us on the photo and ensuring your account is not set to private.