Where are you based?
Do you have a shop/stockists?
Do you ship worldwide?
What is your returns policy?
Which size should I get?
What is pre-order?
Is your website safe?
Can I change the currency?
How can I contact you?

We're based in England on the North West Coast.

Nope! Our online store is the only place you can buy BATOKO swimwear.

Yes! We ship to most worldwide countries. Visit our shipping page for more information.

We'll happily accept returns on all our swimsuits within 28 days providing they are in their original condition with all tags and labels still attached. Visit our returns page for more information.

We've made finding your best size as easy as possible by adding a detailed size chart on each of the product pages. We find that the best way to get the best fit is to measure yourself and compare your measurements to the size chart provided. Can't decide which size to get and need it quick? Order 2 different sizes and return the unwanted size for a refund.

Sometimes we add products to our website in advance, so you can buy them before they are available to ship. We may do this with new styles or popular styles that keep selling out fast, so you can grab one before it sells out. The pre-order shipping date shows the approximate date they are due to arrive at our studio and be shipped. This is not the delivery date. Please note; orders will be sent in their entirety. So if you have a pre-order item in your order, your entire order will be shipped together when all items become available.

Absolutely! BATOKO is based, managed and run in England. We use the secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available) that ensures safe internet transmission of your person information. A green lock icon with the word 'secure' will be showing next to your browsers URL bar right now, this confirms that you are on a safe connection with us. Please also note that we do not see or store your credit card details nor do we share your personal information with any third party. 

We are based in the UK, so all prices are shown and charged in GBP £. You can change the currency using the toggle on our website (look for the flag!).

The best way to contact us is via our contact form or at hello@batoko.com. Please note; we cannot always reply to queries on social media, so please drop us an email instead.

Recycled Swimwear

Where is your swimwear made?
How are they recycled?
Do they feel 'plasticy'?
What about microfibres?
Are you 100% eco-friendly?

Our swimwear is consciously made in an audited factory in China that takes necessary measures to avoid both environmental degradation, along with following and respecting the labour principles set out in the BSCI Code of Conduct which ensures a fair and safe working environment for all it's workers. This includes; fair pay, no forced or bonded labour, no child labour or workers below the legal minimum age, decent working hours (observed by law), no discrimination and equal opportunities. Learn more.

Our swimwear is recycled from post-consumer and post-industrial PET plastic waste such as plastic bottles, fishnets and carpets. The plastic is shredded into flakes, melted, extruded and spun into polyester yarn. The amount of plastic that goes into making our swimwear is recorded by weight and is the equivalent of approximately 10 plastic bottles per swimsuit. To date we have recycled the equivalent of 106,000 plastic bottles in weight into our swimwear.

Not at all, in fact our swimsuits feel pretty damn luxurious. All swimwear is essentially made from 'plastics' ~ polyester, nylon, spandex, lycra and neoprene are all synthetic (man-made) fabrics. The only difference with our polyester swimwear is that instead of creating more new fabric, we're using our initiative and recycling some of the 8 billion tons of plastic headed to landfill every year. Our swimsuits are super soft, comfy and stretchy - you'd have absolutely no clue that they were recycled from plastic waste.

Microfibres are little fibres that are released from clothing, mainly when they are being thrown around in the washing machine. Inevitably all clothes release these microfibres, even natural fabrics like wool - the problem with synthetic fabrics however is that they don't biodegrade, so whereas the wool would degrade over time, we end up with microscopic synthetic fibres floating around in the environment and entering the food chain. There is a simple and affective way to reduce the loss of microfibres and it's by washing your clothing less. We recommend only washing your swimsuit when you really need to and only hand washing them when you do (never machine wash). Just swimming in your swimsuit should not release microfibres.

If you are concerned about your other synthetic clothes that you throw in the wash, we recommend trying the Guppy Friend wash bag by Stop Micro Waste - it's an amazing invention that traps the fibres when you wash your synthetic clothing in the machine (we're not sponsored by them, we just truly love the product and think it deserves the plug).

There is no such thing as the perfect eco-friendly, zero-harm swimsuit, unless you opt for your birthday suit (which isn't always legal)! By stopping plastic waste headed for over-packed landfills, polluting our oceans and choking marine animals, in our eyes recycling it into a useful product instead is much more environmentally-friendly. We'd much prefer to wear the plastic for years to come rather than see it strewn along our local beaches. On the flip side our swimsuits are a synthetic product, so are non-biodegradable - you can't send them back to nature when you're done with them, although they are recyclable so we can keep that loop closed! Ultimately we see our swimwear as an alternative. We're working hard to spread an important message, whilst helping to clear up the unprecedented amounts of single use plastic bottles, bags and waste.


Can I cancel/change my order?
When will my order arrive?
Can I track my order?
When will my pre-order ship?
Have I been overcharged?

If you wish to cancel or make changes to your order, please contact us within 15 minutes of placing your order. Please note; we cannot add extra items or upgrade shipping to existing orders, so if this is needed you will need to place a new separate order and we will cancel your current order.

This depends on the shipping option you chose at checkout. Please refer to your confirmation email which will show your chosen shipping method and the delivery timeframe expected. 

Not all shipping options come with tracking, so if you would like the option to track your parcel please make sure to select Tracked or Express. If you choose Standard Shipping, you won't get a tracking number and we cannot be held liable if your order is not delivered.

We always state the approximate shipment date on all our pre-orders so to give you an idea of when you're likely to receive it before you place the order. This is noted on the product page, usually next to the size you are ordering. You can also re-check this information your order confirmation email.

No. By law we cannot overcharge you and our online system physically cannot overcharge you. Currency conversion is the most common misconception of being overcharged. We're based in the UK, so if you placed your order from another country and your bank statement is showing a different price, this is the currency conversion from GBP £ to your own countries currency. E.G. if you placed your order in the United States and it totalled to £30 GBP yet your bank statement is showing a charge of $50 USD, this is simply the currency conversion from GBP £ to USD $. All orders made on our website are charged in GBP £. Your credit card provider/bank/paypal will determine the exact exchange rate that you will be charged.