Care Instructions

Your swimsuit was saved from landfill the first time around, please help us keep the loop closed by taking good care of it and enjoying it for longer.

Wear more, wash less. Not only does this prolong the life of your swimsuit, but it's better for the environment. If exposed to chlorine, sunscreen lotion or oils, rinse your swimsuit in clean water. Use a natural-based detergent if needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Never bleach, iron or dry clean your swimsuit. Never put it through the quick heat driers at your local swimming baths and never 'ring dry' (twist/scrunch) as this causes the fibres to break.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces. Soft fabrics bobble when they get rubbed against something rough and our swimsuits are no exception to this. Although our swimsuits are durable in and out of the water, they are not laden with nasty chemicals and mixed raw fabrics so they do need a little extra care. The fabric is woven super tight, but rough surfaces like concrete, stone and wood can all pull at the tiny fibres creating bobbling. E.G. sitting poolside and then dragging yourself into the pool will create friction. This also goes for wearing it with rougher fabrics, for example a pair of denim shorts could also cause bobbling as it rubs against the swimsuit. Being mindful of this will help prolong the life of your favourite swimsuit.