Denim Size Guide

Measuring Guidelines

We do not size our shorts by the number shown on the tag, we size them by measuring their ACTUAL waist size. We do this because vintage shorts hardly ever match the tag size. This is mainly due to extensive wash and wear over the years. NEVER guess your size or compare the tag size from your other shorts/jeans. Remember our shorts are HIGH-WAISTED so sit high on the waist, rather than on the hips.

To measure, you'll need a measuring tape that measures in inches. If you don't have one of these, they are available at most stores and super cheap to buy online.

How We Size Our Shorts

We measure all our shorts by laying them flat and measuring across the top of the back waistband in inches. We then double this measurement to get the total around-the-waist measurement.


How You Can Measure

Do you have a pair of well fitting high-waisted jeans? If so, you can use them as a guide.

1. Lay your jeans flat and face up. Pull the back of the waistband straight and pull the front of the waistband down a little (so that it looks like the illustration below).

2. Measure flat across the back waistband from one side to the other in inches. Now double this number to get your waist measurement. E.G. if the waistband measures 13" x 2 = 26" - your waist measurement is 26". Now compare this measurement to our size chart below.

Don't have a pair of high-waisted jeans or trousers?

No problem. Wrap your tape measure around the smallest part of your waist or where you want the shorts waistband to sit (usually on or just above your belly button is a good spot). Be sure that the tape measure isn't too tight as you will want the shorts to be comfortable. Take your measurement in inches and compare it to our size chart below. If you are between inches E.G 26.5" then round this up to 27".


Size Guide Chart

W22 22"
W23 23"
W24 24"
W25 25"
W26 26"
W27 27"
W28 28"
W29 29"
W30 30"
W31 31"
W32 32"
W33 33"
W34 34"
W35 35"
W36 36"



Things To Remember

It's really important that you do not compare tag sizes with your other jeans. E.G a size 26 is NOT the same as W26 (the W stands for waist and the 26 is 26 inches).

The shorts are not stretchy denim, so a W26 will only fit a 26 inch waist. Even if you are slightly over 26 inches, we recommend you go up a size to W27. If you don't want them to hug your figure, go up a size. And if you have a smaller waist but fuller thighs/bum/hips, then going up a size may be more comfortable.

The shorts are high-waisted. When you get your shorts, you need to pull them up as high as they go and wiggle around a little to get them snug. They are not designed to sit on the hips. The legs can also be rolled up to your desired length.