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About Us 3

BATOKO is a small independent swimwear brand based on the North West Coast of England. Our designs are a nod to nature, animals and marine life, playfully created in off-beat colours for travel bugs, beach bums and past-life mermaids.

We believe that life happens outside, wandering and exploring our beautiful world with sand under our feet and salt in our hair, so we've created swimsuits that are not only well-structured, flattering and comfortable, but also ethically conscious, so you can go play outside care-free.

Plastic Tides

Living by the sea, plastic pollution is something we witness everyday on our local beaches. Plastic bottles, bags, cups, straws, food wrappers, balloons, containers, toys, polystyrene, fishnets, ropes, textiles and microplastics. You can bet that every item of plastic you can think of is in the sea and with every tide comes more and more of the stuff strewn along the strand line.

We produce 300 million tons of plastic globally each year. It's estimated that only 10% is recycled with the rest being sent to landfills and an astonishing 8 millions tons of disposed plastic waste entering our ocean annually. Rather than degrading, the plastic breaks up into smaller toxic pieces which then enter the food chain and affect our entire eco-system.


Our Mission

We're part of a positive process that is attempting to clean up the world's oceans by removing the plastic bottles, fishnets and other post-consumer waste and recycling it into fun, high quality swimwear. All sourced and made ethically in factories that care about the environment and their workers.

We want to raise awareness of the impacts that disposable plastic is having on our planet, as well as being a voice for the millions of sea birds and marine animals that are killed every year as a direct cause of plastic.

Help us make a difference and join our growing @batokobeachproject tribe.