BATOKO swimwear is a hybrid of nature and pop art, for lovers of the great outdoors, travel bugs and beach bums. We believe that life happens outside, wandering and exploring with sand under our feet and salt in our hair, so we've created swimsuits that are comfy, well-structured and flattering so you can go play outside care free, just how it should be.



In an attempt to not adhere to the pressures of the fast-fashion culture, we prefer to keep our collections small, introducing new designs at a slower and much more sustainable pace. This means that we are quality-focused and carefully curate each individual swimsuit ensuring each design packs it's own unique punch, ultimately keeping the BATOKO spirit alive. It also means that we can all get outside and enjoy the swimsuits to their full, for longer.

We also keep the cut of our swimsuits simple, well-structured and flattering for all body shapes. We print our designs onto the fabric after it's been cut to minimise production waste and we use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. Our fabric is vegan, too!



Helping our oceans, beaches and marine life

By supporting BATOKO, you are supporting small creatives who have a passion for the great outdoors, protecting our beautiful natural world and sustainability. Nature is both a huge love and source of inspiration for us, so it's only right that we take notice of the ongoing environmental issues. Our oceans are currently in need like never before. An approximate 8 million metric tons of plastic is currently entering our oceans annually. It's also estimated that more than 100,000 marine animals are killed each year as a direct cause of plastic, the same plastic that washes up on our coastlines and beaches.

There is a positive movement rising in response to these issues called beach cleaning. We are proud to be supporting Love My Beach by volunteering our time to help clean up our local beaches on the North West Coast of England. There are tons of similar organisations worldwide just an internet search term away, so you can easily join the movement and get involved in your local beach clean. Or why not take part in the #2minutebeachclean the next time you're at the beach rocking your BATOKO swimsuit - you could save a sea turtles life.



The mail bag your order will arrive in is earth-friendly, reusable and 100% recycled from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic. Our packaging is giving new life to material that has already been used, rather than ending up in landfill or in our oceans. They are also 100% recyclable, so depending on your local recycling program, they can either be recycled residentially or at your local supermarket/grocery store that accepts plastic bags (most of them do).