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Juicebox Magazine is the brainchild of fashion promotion students at Ravensbourne. It's a free online publication jam-packed full of fashion related goodness, including seriously amazing shoots like their recent swimwear shoot for their SS16 edition. We were super happy to be apart of this fun editorial!
Production: Juicebox Magazine
Photography: Hanina Pinnick
Stylist: Danielle Bruce
Models: Lauren McGee | Neo Harley


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Meet Seaweed, the pop/DJ duo from Norway currently on our girls-doing-cool-stuff radar and stirring up a pastel storm on instagram. We've fallen hard for Maria and Rebekka's bubbly, mermaid-filled world and really want to be their BFF's. So once they'd taken a dip in our new swimsuits and shared a giant hawaiian pizza, we caught up with the girls and chatted all things style, music and inspiration.

Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Avoboobs Tee 

Tell us about Seaweed and how you got into what you're doing

The idea of Seaweed started in July 2015 when a music producer contacted us after he had seen a picture of us together. He thought we were a band and we loved the idea. We had wrote music together in the past but had been living in different countries for the past four years. After he had contacted us, we stayed up that whole night discussing the possibilities of us forming a duo. We then both moved from our current locations [Rebekka moved from England and Maria took a year off her studies in Oslo] to start working together in Bergen, Norway.

We wanted Seaweed to be a fun, colourful universe and so the adventure began by creating an Instagram account and setting up a photoshoot in London. We are now managing a YouTube channel, a blog, a twitter account, a Facebook page and three Instagram accounts. We are currently writing a lot of music, making demos in different studios and learning how to DJ (we've actually just booked our first DJ gig, yay!).


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 Photoshoot Batoko That's Bananas Swimsuit / Batoko Dinosass Swimsuit

That sounds like so much fun! How did you both originally meet

We met at school when we were 16. We had a mutual love for writing songs and started writing together. It’s great to finally be reunited and working on music together again.


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Sorry I'm Late Tee / Batoko Gym Update Tee

Describe Seaweed's sound

We are making music in the pop/electronic/house genre. Our sound is bubbly, tropical and fun with a dash of 90s girl power.


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Dinosass Swimsuit

Where do you find inspiration

We find inspiration through a lot of different channels - music, art, Instagram, YouTubers, blogs, look books and travel.

We've just started a monthly feature on our blog where we write about our inspiration. Make sure to check that out if you need some new ideas as to where to find inspiration, or if you are just curious to see where we get our sassy sparkling ideas from.


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Karma Delivery Service Tee / Batoko No Haters Tee

How would you describe your personal style

Our style is light, pastel and colourful. [Maria] likes to mix it with a bohemian 70s vibe, flares and hats, whilst [Rebekka] likes 90s crop tops, tight jeans, funny prints and big jackets. 


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko That's Bananas Swimsuit

What is your favourite thing about each other

Maria: My favourite thing about Rebekka is that she is so smart and independent. She lives the life she wants to live and takes no shit from anyone.

Rebekka: My favourite thing about Maria is how quickly she can change from being silly and funny to serious. She’s a little a sweetie and gets along with everyone.


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Cardio Tee / Batoko Yaaas Tee

Who are your icons / main influencers

Rainbows, unicorns, aliens, mermaids and each other!


Which are your favourite pieces from our current collection

We love the holographic crop top and skirt and of course the unicorn party sweatshirt! Rebekka has a massive crush on the dinosass jumper and is wearing it all the time.


Batoko x Seaweed SS16 PhotoshootBatoko Sorry I'm Late Tee / Batoko Gym Update Tee

Finally, what does the future look like for Seaweed

In the future we'll based in London / LA making music, fun music videos, performing, djing and touring.

We want to keep working with fashion and have a dream to start our own clothing line one day. Hopefully our business will grow big enough for us to have a couple of employees who can help us out. There are not enough hours in a day to fit all our dreams!



Check out Seaweed's blog, instagram, soundcloud, facebook, twitter and youtube

Photography: Julia Coole



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