eXXpedition North Pacific is a pioneering all-female sailing expedition and scientific research mission starting in Hawaii and ending in Seattle via Vancouver this summer led by British skipper and ocean advocate Emily Penn.

The expedition is made up of a diverse and international group of 24 women from Britain, USA, Canada, Slovenia, Norway and Honduras. They are scientists, students, artists, filmmakers, business women, psychologists, actors, ocean activists and sustainability professionals, and novice as well as experienced sailors.

Split over two voyage legs, they are journeying for a month over 3,000 nautical miles through the densest ocean plastic accumulation zone on the planet, the North Pacific Gyre - better known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Science at Sea

The crew will conduct daily trawls for plastics and pollutants, and collect data for a variety of global datasets and scientific research studies along the way. This data is used to support scientists in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and the USA including conservation organisation Ocean Wise in Canada and the Hawaii Pacific University. Studies range in focus from understanding the impact of plastic pollution on sea turtle environments to microplastics and the impact of toxics carried on plastic, on our bodies.

Crew Sponsorship

As a female-founded company that's passionate about tackling plastic pollution, we are beyond proud to be sponsoring crew member Nikkey Dawn on leg 2 of the journey (21st - 28th July). A designer and ocean activist, Nikkey's role on the trip is to document the findings and tell the story through photography and video as they coastal hop from Vancouver to Seattle learning how plastic pollution is impacting the shore and communities. 

We wish Nikkey and the crew a safe and successful trip.




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